Investigating Mechanisms Underlying Female Cardiovascular Resilience and Health

Laboratory News

  • January 2023. Collins lab abstract was accepted for presentation at the Inaugural American Physiology Summit in Long Beach, Ca., in April 2023. 
  • December 2022. The Collins lab received a 5-year NIH NHLBI funded R01 to study the "Mechanisms Contributing to Pregnancy-Induced Cardiac Growth".
  • December 2022. Dr. Collins received the division of Environmental Medicine "Faculty of the Year" award at the divisional holiday party
  • October 2022. Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics Graduate Student, Leanne Price, completed her six-week rotation in the Collins lab. 
  • September 2022. Emily Schulman presented a poster at Research!Louisville 2022 entitled "Do Changes in Metabolism or Lactation Mediate the Reversal of Pregnancy-Induced Cardiac Growth?".
  • September 2022. Dr. Collins named "Star reviewer for 2021" by AJP-Heart. Peer Review Week (
  • July 2022. Collaborative studies with Dr. Bradford Hills' laboratory were published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science Influence of biological sex and exercise on murine cardiac metabolism - PubMed (
  • May 2022. The Collins Laboratory has published "Metabolic signatures of pregnancy-induced cardiac growth" in AJP-Heart.
  • May 2022. Emily Schulman's BCVS 2022 abstract was accepted for a poster presentation. 
  • April 2022. Dr. Collins was invited to speak at Experimental Biology 2022 at the AJP-Heart Editors Symposium.
  • December 2021. Dr. Collins was invited to join the Editorial Board of AJP-Heart.